We're a newcomer-friendly micronation with an emphasis on helping you discover all that Open Sim has to offer.

Have coffee with friends around the fireplace in the cozy library. Shop the Newbie Nook for free, original starter avatars and accessories inspired by characters from the Ascending Mage novels. Pick up brochures for interesting hypergrid destinations. Walk through one of the ley line portals to explore over 3,000 acres of frontier and settlements, or sail the 2,600-acre Azure Sea (watch out for the shipwrecks lest you become one). And whatever you do, don't annoy the squirrels.

Our lands are always under construction; we're forever planting trees and raising structures. We never stop creating, except maybe to take a beer break.

If we sound like your kind of people, stop on by! We might even hand you a shovel and put you to work.

Aedynar: your virtual world micronation

Note: we are now accepting new registrations for our grid. We're doing so with an organic growth philosophy as we don't want to grow too quickly.


Questions? Join us on Discord!


 Relaxing at the Leystone Library in Aedynar Grid