About Aedynar - Your Virtual World Micronation

Aedynar is a micronation founded on the shared values of personal freedom and accountability. Our objective is to create a fun, close-knit community of friends who share common values. 

This virtual world is powered by Open Simulator and is based loosely on the fictional worlds created by fantasy fiction authors Frank and RaeLea Hurt.

Here, you can create an account and once logged in, explore this and numerous other Open Sim worlds using your avatar.


What makes Aedynar special?

  • Freedom: you're not locked in. You own your data; we don't prevent you from downloading a copy of your avatar's inventory or region backups. (We do however charge a token fee to cover the labor of performing these actions)
  • Each region runs on its own simulator to provide maximum security and stability.
  • Regions are hosted on a powerful multi-core server with sufficient memory and fast network connectivity.
  • All regions and the entire grid itself is automatically backed up daily to a second, remote datacenter. Region restorations (OAR imports) can be performed by request (see pricing above).
  • Grid and server maintenance is performed regularly (on average, twice weekly). Join our Discord server to stay updated.
  • Full hypergrid connectivity. We don't block other grids or restrict where you go. Visit any other hypergrid-connected grid to shop, socialize, and explore.