Constitution of Aedynar (Terms of Service)

We, the Founding Members of Aedynar, offer the following as our micronation’s Constitution. This is a statement of shared values which also serve as the grid’s Terms of Service.

Aedynar grid is a micronation founded on the shared values of personal freedom and accountability. Our objective is to create a fun, close-knit community of friends who share common values. In the interest of maintaining a harmonious community we must ask all residents and visitors to abide by a limited set of rules:

Article 1. Freedoms and Restrictions

  1. Freedom of Speech. We impose no restrictions on free speech, inclusive of speech commonly referred to as political-incorrectness or offensive statements.
    1. The lone exceptions are speech intended to incite violence or statements of bigotry (particularly against fellow residents).
    2. Trolls will not find a home here and will be deported from Aedynar. Don’t be a jerk; being impolite is a great way to earn an undesirable reputation in this sparsely-populated virtual world.
  2. No distribution of pirated content. If you choose to use such content, you do so at your own risk. We cannot allow redistribution of such content, however. This includes outright selling or giving away (including items set to “anyone can copy” or “buy”). When in doubt, assume that the freebies you acquired were pirated.
  3. Restricted sites are allowed on our grid on a case-by-case basis. These sites require additional monitoring by staff and significantly greater server load, especially if they become popular destinations. This a decision based on technical constraints and not moral concerns.
    1. Restricted sites include: Dance clubs and music venues (as defined by a public gathering spot generally with a focus on recurring dance and music events); shopping malls and stores; and adult entertainment venues (as defined where the focus is on sexual activities).
    2. An additional monthly fee for restricted sites may be charged. This allows us to invest in the resources a higher-traffic region demands.
    3. Permitting will be decided by the Founding Council on a case-by-case basis with unanimous decision required to pass.
  4. Sexualization of children or child avatars is strictly forbidden. This includes any depictions of actions, artwork, or roleplay therein.
    1. Child Avatars (those appearing to be younger than 18 years old) are not allowed.
  5. You must be 18 years of age or older to register for an account with Aedynar grid. If found later to be lying about your age, we will be forced to deactivate your account.

Definitions or clarifications of any aspect of these rules may be obtained by contacting the Grid Administrator, Frank Hurt, either in-world or via email.

Violations to this agreement may result in termination of your account without reimbursement or refund. So please do us and yourself a favor: when in doubt, just ask us for clarification!

Article 2. Citizenship and Governing Structure

We endeavor to create a community of citizens, not merely customers. Anyone agreeing to abide by the articles of this Constitution may register as a resident of Aedynar and are welcome to participate in this experiment in virtual micronation.

  1. Role Definitions and Structure

Visitors are those people who travel to the Aedynar grid by way of hypergridding from other grids within Open Sim. Abide by our simple rules and Visitors will be very much welcomed!

Residents are any individuals who register for a free account at Residents will be entitled to engage in discussions and vote on basic issues (for example, “what should we name this region?” or “what sort of activities should we develop for public use?”). A free land program is available on a limited basis, along with other amenities as designated by the Founding Council.

Pioneers are Residents who have paid to rent land (non-free parcels or regions) within the Aedynar grid, or who have obtained land through a specific paid membership with Pioneers have the same rights as Residents (and not Citizens) as they have not been vetted yet.

Citizens are vetted Pioneers who pay to rent land (non-free parcels or regions) within the Aedynar grid, or Residents who contribute significantly to the development of the grid (as identified by the Founding Council). The vetting process is informally defined under Section II below.

Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed and if approved by the Founding Council, ratified by two-thirds majority vote of Citizens.

Founding Council is the ruling council of the grid’s three founders: Frank Hurt, RaeLea Hurt, and Remmy Ravenhurst. These three individuals are responsible for the administration, development, and operations of the entire Aedynar grid. Decisions made by the Founding Council are made unanimously after lengthy internal discussions and are considered final.

II. Obtaining Citizenship

Because Citizens form the backbone of the Aedynar micronation, it’s crucial that Residents and Pioneers are thoroughly vetted before Citizenship is granted. The length of time and involvement for this vetting process will vary based on time spent in-world, input from other Citizens, and direct interactions with members of the Founding Council. 

Citizenship is granted by unanimous decision of the Founding Council.

III. Termination

We may terminate or suspend access to Aedynar grid immediately, without prior notice or liability, for any reason whatsoever, without limitation if you breach these Terms of Service.

Deactivation of accounts (think of it as a deportation) may occur on an emergency basis without notice if the violations are abhorrent (such as extreme cases of illegal activity), but generally will only occur with unanimous decision by the Founding Council, following opportunity for a reasonable defense by the account-holder in question.

In all but the most egregious cases, Citizens have the further benefit of a right to appeal the Founding Council’s decision. In such cases where the Founding Council is convinced to reverse its decision, a probationary period may be instituted before full Citizenship is reinstated.

Article 3. Agreement

You specifically give Aedynar grid permission to collect and use your data as indicated in this Policy and you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.