Follow these simple steps to get set up as a new resident of Aedynar:

1) Register for an account.

You will be required to confirm your email address by clicking a link in the message sent from us (check your spam folder and please mark as NOT SPAM if it ended up in there).

2) Install the Viewer

We prefer Firestorm, but there are alternative viewers you may choose. Be sure to install the version of Firestorm intended for Open Sim.

3) Configure your viewer for the Aedynar grid.

3a) In Firestorm's menu, go to Viewer > Preferences (or press CTRL-P). Click on the Opensim tab.

3b) Within the Grid Manager screen, in the "Add new grid" field, enter and click "Apply"

3c) Within a few seconds, the grid information will auto-populate within the fields below.

3d) Be sure to click OK to save this grid information.


4) Log in with your account username, password, and select the Aedynar grid from the grid dropdown.

login screen

5) Once logged in, you'll arrive at the landing point in Leystone (our welcome region). What you do after that is completely up to you! Shop the Newbie Nook store to upgrade your starter avatar for free, check out the Travel Guides in the library, or just start exploring! You're free to do as you wish.

Newbie Nook

Welcome to your new virtual life as a resident of Aedynar!