We take pride in offering you a virtual world home at a sustainable, fair value--not bargain bin prices. We're in this for the long haul; it's our virtual home, too!

Avatar Accounts

FREE - avatar account creation -- allowing for a maximum of 10,000 items personal inventory (each object, image, notecard, script, etc. counts as an item)
$5/month - upgrade to premium avatar account -- allows for greater than 10,000 items in your inventory (currently no upper limit though technical limitations may apply).

Other Services

OAR and IAR imports - first request is free, $5 per incident thereafter (use this when migrating to Aedynar from another grid. OAR imports can also be used to restore your region to a previous backup copy)
OAR Export - $5 per incident (region backup file) Use this for backing up your region or to migrate to another grid. Note: we automatically perform daily backups of your regions, but this option allows you to take a copy of your region to store locally. We retain a week's worth of rolling daily backups; if you need your region restored, don't delay in your request!
IAR Export - $5 per incident (avatar inventory backup file) export. Use this for backing up your inventory or to migrate to another grid; note IAR files can be quite large and take many hours to create, so please be patient
Custom Virtual World Development Services -- price varies based on project specifications

Land Prices

FREE starter home parcel on a shared residential region (2,000 square meters and 300 prims quota) - LIMITED AVAILABILITY
Note: larger parcels are available to those who actively and regularly contribute to the development of Aedynar.

Private Region Rentals - prices are based on prim and avatar quota. We do not restrict you on region size! Upgrade prim quota as you need.
20,000 prims and 10-avatar capacity = $19.98/month
40,000 prims and 40-avatar capacity = $29.98/month
60,000 prims and 60-avatar capacity = $39.98/month
80,000 prims and 80-avatar capacity = $49.98/month
(note that NPCs/bots count against a region's avatar capacity)

Available region sizes:
1x1 = 256x256 meters or 1 standard-size region
2x2 = 512x512 meters or 4 standard-size regions
4x4 = 1024x1024 meters or 16 standard-size regions
8x8 = 2048x2048 meters or 64 standard-size regions - note that this larger size can sometimes provide poor performance but is ideal for vehicles and lighter-weight, open-space builds

Private Regions are generally located separately from the main continents.

**Please read our Constitution (Terms of Service) before registering for an account or ordering any services.**

Please understand that Open Simulator and corresponding applications should be considered beta software; that is, this cutting-edge technology is far from flawless! As such no Open Sim grid can realistically guarantee uptime (no Service-Level Agreement as you may find with webhosting services).  We live in this virtual world right alongside you, so be assured we strive to keep things running 24/7, though unexpected interruptions can and will occur.